Meet the father & son duo of Southbrook Organic Vineyards

The birth of Atelier Munro House in Toronto has been quite a journey. Eight months of searching, meticulous planning, and set up – and now, we are ready to celebrate. Enter: the Redelmeiers. We collaborated with the family of sustainable winemakers to create a limited-edition natural wine for our grand opening. One of the many reasons we teamed up with Southbrook was their more earth-friendly approach to growing. All their wines are completely organic and free of additives and sulphites, an ethos heavily influenced by their upbringing on the family farm. We met them at the vineyard to talk about where it all began, their craft, and what goes into making each bottle.

My mother always said to my brother and myself: "If you make a mess, you are the one to clean it up." That mindset needs to grow roots in many aspects of our modern society. We cannot get away anymore with not caring about what we do. It's high time for a change.
When I started working on the farm, fifty years ago, my father always said to me: "You should never ask a worker to do something you can't do or don't want to do." Having used agricultural chemicals for most of my life, at a certain point I just didn't want to do it anymore. So, morally how can I ask my workers to do it? That's where our philosophy and the venture into organics came from.

When Bill first made the decision to move towards being organic and biodynamic, there were only two other certified organic vineyards in Ontario. It’s a movement that’s slowly growing in the region, with more joining the list since. The transition into organics is a painstaking process, taking about three years of careful curation of what can and can’t be used in the vineyard and on the farm – something they consider well worth the effort for the benefit it has on the final product.

To me, it is a way of increasing the quality of what we produce and also the qualities of what we produce. So, the quality – the flavor, that is one thing. The qualities – the sustainability, the sitting lightly on the land is also really important.

Our limited-edition drop is an orange skin-contact wine, with brightness and acidity. You’ll find fruitiness with hints of fresh peach, yellow plums, citrus fruit skins, and grapefruit pith with a lingering scent of herbs. The talented pair are as obsessed with craft as we are, boasting a careful and hands-on (and sometimes feet-on) process to create this level of complexity. The grapes are all cultivated on-site, hand-harvested, foot trodden, and then fermented open to the air to encourage wild yeast for 22 days. With a moderate level of tannins and a beautiful fall color, we agreed it’s the perfect complement to our October event. You can catch a glimpse of the wine (and the guys) in our latest film.

As part of our collaboration, the organic winemakers each crafted a look for life beyond the vineyards in Ontario. Get inspired by their made-to-measure pieces to create your own.

Christoph van Veghel
Mounir Raji
Milan van Dril
Hair & Make-up
Claudine Rosario Baltazar
Product photography
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