The AM House - Toronto

19 Hazelton Ave, Toronto

Situated in Yorkville, the second Atelier Munro House is an actual Victorian house – offering the perfect opportunity to explore the concept of home.

The new Toronto location provides a highly personal experience for clients, bringing foundational tailoring traditions to life, while creating a localized experience special to the city

A well-balanced mix of walk-in wardrobes, working desks, fitting rooms, and a hint to a private apartment at the top level, the space features signature spaces to have a coffee, relax or work before, during, or after your appointment, along with thoughtful touches from Amsterdam: the design blueprint from Unknown Architects, light fixtures by Tim Hooijmans and an iconic handmade tapestry by David Kulen.

Built on our ethos of manifesting character

The concept was developed by the brand and designed in close collaboration with Amsterdam-based architecture studio, Unknown Architects. Every element of the space integrates our philosophy of manifesting character – the pursuit of culture, quality, and authenticity. Sustainability was a guiding principle for design, featuring materials like linen, recycled wood, Belgian bluestone and other natural materials from Europe. The result is a transparent, light filled space where modernism meets singularity.

Our collaborators

Contributions appear throughout the store from a collection of local artists, artisans, and entrepreneurs that share our passion for quality craftsmanship. Great local men have even contributed to the design of the store, with feature lighting from Rotterdam-native Tim Hooijmans and tapestries from Amsterdam based David Kulen.

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