Spring & Summer

Inspired by Los Angeles, our new Made-to-Measure signature collection for Spring/Summer '24 brings a West Coast attitude to tailoring.

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We’re building on rich tailoring traditions from around the world to create a new era of menswear. Not bound by trends, but curated to your taste. Not whatever size was on the rack, but tailored to your form. Not made en masse, but crafted with care exclusively for you.

Get wedding ready

We love helping you find ‘the one’ – the made-to-measure look that will complete your special day. Whether you’re searching for you or for your groom’s party too, we can create it.

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Making menswear
personal again

We want to help you see your clothing as a blank canvas, something for you to create and own in every sense. Whatever your style and taste, we’ll craft your made-to-measure clothing to your every preference. Every Atelier Munro piece is unique but has one thing in common: it was only made for you.

An entire
made-to-measure wardrobe

We don’t limit our expertise to the world of suits. We’ve taken that knowledge and expanded it to bring you more. With us, you can have almost your entire wardrobe made to measure. Yes, we make an impeccable jacket. But we’ll also make sure you look just as refined in a knitted polo, handmade shoes, or a crisp pair of chinos. Learn more about the range we offer and the craft involved.