We help you explore your style, what you want, and craft clothing worthy of your character. You define your wardrobe, not the other way around.

We create made-to-measure clothing as singular as the men who wear it. Essentially, we listen to your every preference, from taste to fit, and make it a reality. The result? One-of-a-kind clothing that’s never forgettable, always flattering, and naturally reveals something of its owner.

Why made-to-measure clothing?

Because it fits you better in every sense. Working with an advisor, you’ll be able to curate your clothing. It will be crafted to your body, your individual taste, and the things you care about. It means you’ll always look your best and feel your best.


Some things are better captured in image. Individuals is an experiment in self-expression. An ever-expanding group of diverse men, each given one fabric and creative license. See what they created.

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Sustainability & durability

Our focus is on minimizing waste, maximizing our product’s lifespan, and empowering conscious choices. Our high-quality garments are designed to last and made on demand to avoid overproduction. Atelier Munro is a member of Fair Wear Foundation.