Style is what makes you different to others. Fashion is what makes you the same.
— Glenn O'Brien

An experiment in

An exploration of our differences, Individuals, celebrates a diverse group of men with their own styles – each given a similar fabric and tasked with creating whatever they like. The results are clear: every piece is as singular as the man wearing it. Their individuality can be found in bold statements and in the smallest of details.

Making menswear
personal again

We invite you to take a step back from the clothing rack, away from the finished product to instead begin with a beautiful fabric that can take any form in your personal wardrobe. We want to help you see your clothing as a blank canvas. Your character will show in every choice that you make.

Embrace what makes you, you. Revel in the nuance. Whatever your style and taste, we’ll craft your made-to-measure clothing to your every preference. Every Atelier Munro piece is unique but has one thing in common: it was only made for you.