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On Travel April 2022
Editorial Note

Editorial Note

Joachim Baan

The first issue of The AM Times. Not so much a milestone, but rather a stepping stone. A stepping stone to explore our love for character. Born out of a need to tell more stories, share deep dives, and explore the boundaries of what we’re doing at Atelier Munro. Capturing the people we work with, the products we make, the places we visit, and the planet we love. It will be an ode to our world and those that connect us to the outside. It will help us keep our eyes open and minds sharp. It will be the place where we delve into rabbit holes and fly high over complex matters. All to better show you what we’ve been doing, are about to do, or someday hope to do…

This publication will hopefully help us become fluid and more concrete at the same time. Exploring why complexity, quality, and taste are so intertwined. Why this idea of style goes beyond any notion of office-wear or home-attire. How working from home inspired so many of us to dress up again. And how this movement of a flexible wardrobe is gaining ground and why we should focus on craftsmanship despite this word being misused and deflated for so many years. Helped and guided by the people we work with, we will see different perspectives, experience different ideas, dive into different worlds.

For this first issue we move into a theme that became almost dormant over the past few years: Travel. Happy to be traveling again, it’s a joy to discover Juni’s favorite spots in Toronto or learn more about an over 200 year old Swedish company with craftsmanship at its core. New connections were made when we started exploring flexibility in our garments with Junior Ballet Antwerp, capturing a whirlwind of movement during the quietness of sunset over Antwerp. We found that a shirt collar can be made of one piece and become an instant summer staple – and a utility jacket could become our best friend during chilly afternoons outside. From a beautiful corner in the old city of Vienna to the sparkling metropolis of Toronto. From the quietness of an Antwerp rooftop to the roaring sounds of Formula 1 cars. It’s all here, captured in this first issue of The AM Times. Enjoy!