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On Holidays November 2022
How our festive guests are celebrating the holidays

How our festive guests are celebrating the holidays

We’ve been getting into the holiday spirit over here and were feeling curious about how others might be spending their season. We caught up with some of the special guests from our festive dinner to ask them what makes a great celebration – digging into their festive style, traditions, and approach to that all important part of the holidays: gifting.

Paul Rem

Art historian and curator Paul prefers to spend the holidays with all his loved ones, especially his wife, children, and the in-laws. Opting to stay cozy inside with good food, drinks and candlelight, with the occasional stroll together or a family outing to somewhere inspiring.

How would you describe your holiday style?
My favorite look for a festive event is slightly more neat and exuberant than usual. Because with a party, you can! A beautifully simple (but especially well made) suit in a distinctive color with some extra accessories, such as a boutonniere or an antique pinned accessory.

What do you enjoy most about this time of year?
Traditions are important, they give meaning to what you celebrate. Christmas decorations that are a thousand years old, speeches at the table, the challenge of folding the linen napkins. There’s something nice about the words and rituals being repeated and realizing: it’s that time of the year again – we get to celebrate again.

How do you go about gifting?
We celebrate Sinterklaas and Christmas. The Sinterklaas gifts always have an exciting mix of practical and personal. With Christmas, presents are really for one special person: our youngest birthday girl that was born on Christmas day. And all those presents can be a little extravagant.

Jan Six

Sitting in his winter-wool black tuxedo, Jan tells us about his holidays spent at home, usually with a handful of close friends and family in Amsterdam. An art dealer and collector, we were particularly interested in how he’s curating his Christmas gift list.

What’s your approach to buying the perfect present?
I do most of my gift shopping in London, when I visit the auctions there at the beginning of December. There are so many possibilities. The Brits really take Christmas very seriously.

Do you have a go-to holiday look?
For years, I’ve been wearing a dark blue velvet jacket that I once bought in Venice. Usually with a white shirt and a pair of dark gray trousers. From now on, I will definitely be wearing my new Atelier Munro smoking jacket.

What’s the one tradition you look forward to?
I love to cook on Christmas evening for the whole family, but most of all I enjoy the Christmas breakfast.

Steffen Morrison

For soul artist Steffen, the holidays are all about time with the family. Singing, dancing, delicious cooking, and visiting each other as much as possible to create memories.

Do you have any traditions this time of year?
I just moved and look forward to having a day with the best people in my life, where I will cook, and take care of everyone to make it their best yet. It will be a new tradition.

How do you tackle present shopping?
I get them in advance. I always try to stock up on gifts early before the holidays, so I don’t have to go into the crowds!

What’s your festive style?
It depends! During the holidays, my looks vary from moment to moment. From early in the morning being in sportswear to fancy black tie at the table with family and friends.

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