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How to: Pack your favorite pieces

How to: Pack your favorite pieces

Whether you’re headed away on summer break or escaping for the weekend, it’s essential to know how to pack properly. We’re usually told never to fold a suit, but sometimes there’s simply no getting around it. Thankfully, there are ways to put a jacket in your suitcase without ruining its structure. All it takes is some light origami work.

Larger check-in luggage is easy. First make sure to stash your suit in a dry-cleaning bag. Then simply fold the jacket in half from top to bottom and lay it in your suitcase.

For a smaller case or bag, forget the bag. Instead, pop both shoulders inside out. Fold the jacket in half lengthways, lapel to lapel. Then finally fold again once or twice from top to bottom until it fits. Place this compact package in your bag and you’re good to go.

Need a visual? Take a look at this instructional film from GQ Magazine:

Like the case featured?

Check out our collaboration with Swedish luggage artisans, Alstermo Bruk.