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How to: Prepare for your appointment

How to: Prepare for your appointment

The air is growing crisp and so begins the yearly ritual of putting away our linen and dusting off our coats. If you’re feeling the urge to shake up your fall wardrobe, a session with your style advisor can be invaluable. They’ll get you acquainted with the new stuff, help you navigate all the options, and of course, offer their pearls of styling wisdom. Here’s our guide to getting ready for your appointment. Hint: it’s all in the private store.

Access the private store
You’ll be able to access your private store as soon as you ask a style advisor for access or once you’ve been measured (whichever comes first!). Head to my.ateliermunro.com to log in. If it’s your first time – or you’re not sure if you have an account yet – choose ‘Request a password’ to send a link to your email address to get set up. Then log in to find everything you need: your style advisor’s contact info, your appointment details, past purchases, and of course, new inspiration…

Browse browse browse
You’ve got a couple of choices. You can check out the looks created by our style advisors for fall and winter or browse our fabrics by heading to a specific product category like jackets, jeans, knitwear, or shirts. Explore, get inspired, and add any items you like to your wishlist. If you want to get really prepared, you can choose to ‘Customize item’ to discover all design options available too. Anything you add, the style advisor will be able to easily find during your appointment to discuss together.

Ask for advice
If you’re lacking the time to explore yourself, ask your style advisor for help. Let them know roughly what you’re hunting for or interested in exploring. Your advisor can then give you an idea of looks you might like, new products you might not have seen before, or the styles they think will suit you. They’ll add any recommendations to your wishlist to check out before the appointment.

And that’s it. You’ll be ready to hit the ground running for your styling session. After your appointment, you can return to the private store to see your ordered garments and check their status or expected delivery date. Happy shopping!

Ready for your fall update?

If you’re new, book an appointment and get in touch with a style advisor to get an account. If not, log in to your private store to start preparing.