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On Holidays November 2022
How to: tie your bow tie

How to: tie your bow tie

It’s that time of the year again: black-tie season. And that means bow ties – the perfect way to finish your formal attire these holidays. Of course, you can go for a pre-folded bow tie, but there’s nothing quite like one you’ve tied yourself. It gives a sartorial touch to your look and a perfect imperfection that adds character. If you don’t know how (or like us, could always use a reminder), we’ve asked our Store Lead from the AM House Amsterdam Iiro for a tutorial. Watch our how-to video to see the step-by-step process, follow along, and hear his tricks to make it easier on yourself or someone else!

Prefer pics? You can refer to this guide with seven simple steps.

1. Make sure one end of the bow tie is longer than the other by a few inches. The longer end should be on your right.

2. Cross the longer end over the shorter end, folding it back underneath the shorter end, then bring it out over the top and back to the center.

3. Fold the shorter end of the bow tie horizontally back on itself and hold it with your thumb.

4. Bring the longer end of the bow tie over the shorter end right in the middle.

5. Then continue to fold the longer end under and through the loop at the back until it is underneath the shorter end of the bow tie and even on all sides.

6. Pull both ends slightly to tighten the bow tie.

7. Adjust as needed – and don’t worry, slight imperfections are completely expected and will just add character.

Want to make it as simple as possible? Iiro recommends tying the bow tie around your leg first to allow you to see what you are doing without a mirror. Your thigh is often just a little wider than your neck, so once you have the bow tie tied you can simply slide it off your leg, pop it over your head and tighten.

“The easiest way to tie your bow tie is to do it around your leg first. Your thigh is usually a similar width to your neck and this way you can see what you are doing!”

Another tip is to always get ready with a friend. It’s much easier to tie one of these on someone else. Just share this video and you’ll both be able to help each other out.

If you’re still having no luck, feel free to come by our store for help. Our style advisors are pros! We’ll also be able to assist if you haven’t got your bow tie yet. You can pick up a ready-to-wear version in store or order a custom bow tie. Folded or unfolded in classic silks and satins to textured velvets and knitted options in a range of colors. You can even make it extra special with your own initials.

Not sure what you want?

Explore the possibilities in our private store or get in touch with a location near you to get advice and see them in person.