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On High Summer July 2022
Introducing our new natural wines for summer

Introducing our new natural wines for summer

This summer sees one of our more delicious collaborations: two new wines curated by sommelier, Simo Zbiri. The limited-run vin is made from Domaine de la Tucayne, a small independent winery focused on au naturel production. In the Saint-Sardos region of Southern France, Simo worked directly with the chief winemaker Sebastien Almendros to create the special selection.

The first of the new additions, Les bulles d’été, is a sparkling Syrah-Merlot with an explosion of exotic flower bouquet on the nose, notes of red fruits and a long citrus, peachy aftertaste. It has a delicate bubble, making the wine smooth and tender in the mouth. The second, Le blanc d’été, is a fresh Viognier-Chardonnay-Sémillon blend, perfect for sunny afternoons.

The wines, particularly the sparkling rose, were a passion project that began when Simo visited the winery to taste their latest wine and barrique projects. As Sebastien tells it, the friends were tasting the rosé straight from the tank when Simo started to think about creating a sparkling wine.

“In the French Appellation region, we don't usually consider this kind of wine, but at the impulse of Simo we started to think about this rosé bubble project. How to build it, his construction with the color, the freshness, the acidity… and after a while, we got what we wanted! We actually adapted some beer techniques to this project, using beer yeast with our own fruit juice to make the refermentation in bottles. Like this, the bubbles keep the fruitiness of our berries. That's the combination!”

- Sebastien

The project was a journey of craftsmanship and experimentation, made possible by their trust in each other and a shared passion to create. All in all, a fun experience that forced the pair to let go and push boundaries.

“I mean Seb is indeed a great French classic œnologue and winemaker, but he’s an amazing artist as well as he creates and plays music, which lets his rebel-creative mind unleash, freeing him from all the rules. Our friendship is based naturally on trust and shared passions, wine and music, which allowed this adventure to start and the collaboration to succeed. Our motto this year has definitely been 'Free yourself and go beyond the known'.”

- Simo

To celebrate, we invited guests to a garden soirée on the terrace of The House of Atelier Munro in Amsterdam. Simo himself was there to pour glasses of the good stuff and talk us through the tasting.

Inspired by Simo’s style?

His seersucker suit is from a special cut-length fabric. Reach out to your style advisor to enquire.

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