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On Celebration October 2022
Our perfect-for-fall organic orange drop

Our perfect-for-fall organic orange drop

There’s not much we enjoy more than discovering a new vintner. As we started planting some permanent roots in Toronto with our new flagship store, so began the planning to celebrate (a close second on the list of things we enjoy). Things quickly turned into the search for a local partner that could bring something fresh to the opening.

It didn’t take long before we stumbled upon Southbrook Organic Vineyards – a small winemaker focused on earth-friendly farming. Based in Ontario not far from Niagara Falls, they were among the first to be certified organic and biodynamic in Canada. Originally from Dutch roots, father and son duo Bill and Andrew Redelmeier are the brains behind the operation.

Aside from their commitment to sustainability, another big reason we fell in love with Southbrook is their passion for the craft. They’re making wine for the wine lover, with great care taken in every one of their wines. As explained by Bill:

“Whether you’re making wine or making clothes, you want a consumer that is interested in what you are doing. In some ways there is a huge parallel between Southbrook Vineyards and Atelier Munro: we are both looking for quality people, who appreciate something that is being well made.”

We collaborated with the talented pair on a limited-edition natural wine for our Toronto store opening and it is a doozy. Organic, orange, free of additives and sulphites. The beautiful autumnal hue and the national color of the Netherlands was not an accident, selected as a homage to our shared Dutch heritage. The complexity of this particular drop comes down to the intricate, hands-on process. They kindly took us through what’s involved, from first picking to packaging.

“Vidal grapes were hand-harvested from our vineyard across several days. Then what we picked was foot trodden to gently squeeze about a third of the berries. Everything was placed in open-top fermenters to allow for simultaneous wild yeast and malolactic fermentation. For 22 days, it is left for the ideal amount of skin contact, pumping over every day. After that, there was some gentle pressing and finally settling outdoors in winter temperatures until bottling with a little lees”.

It seems all this effort is not wasted as this wine has all the classic markers of an excellent orange – bright and acidic with a fruity nose. Think fresh peach, yellow plums, citrus fruit skins, and grapefruit pith with a hint of herby earthiness. The wine is beautiful inside and out, thanks to our old friend Klas Ernflo. The Stockholm-raised, Barcelona-based artist designed the artwork for the label, inspired by the Southbrook family’s creation process.

With only a moderate level of tannins, the guys say it’s the perfect drop to pair with Mediterranean dishes or share with friends this fall. That’s precisely what we did – serving it to all our guests for a week of festivities at the Atelier Munro House. We’ve got more in the works with these two coming up – so keep an eye out for our next collaboration together.

Tempted to visit?

If you’re ever nearby, stop by the Southbrook cellar door for an impromptu tasting and chat about grape-growing in the region. You won’t regret it.