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On Holidays November 2022

Our top winter warmers to craft for the cold

With the height of winter well on its way, we’ve curated our most comfortable made-to-measure picks for the cold. These chilly-weather essentials will keep you warm, while still feeling delightfully lightweight and looking refined. It’s essentially a run down of our can’t-live-without fabrics and styles – and how to combine them to live your best winter life.

The flannel suit

You’ve probably heard us say it before, but flannels are one of our favorite materials this time of the year. It’s loosely woven for suppleness and brushed for extra softness, making it a feel-good fabric to wear. Plus it’s warm and still very breathable – what’s not to love? We recommend picking from our selection of lightweight flannels that are somehow even more comfortable.

Whichever style you pick, it’s a smart choice for colder days. A classic suit is great for winter business or a lightweight suit with a safari or utility jacket will serve you well for casual workplaces or weekends outdoors – either way you’ll have two comfy pieces to wear as a chill-defying set or to mix and match for even more winter looks. This season, we’re big fans of double flannel. So layer that look with a flannel shirt, tie, or pocket square for twice the toastiness.

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The cashmere knit

No fall or winter wardrobe is complete without a cashmere knit. They are a beautiful balance between casual and formal, comfortable and luxurious – going with everything from a clear-cut suit to jeans or sweats. Cashmere is a master insulator and makes the perfect investment piece thanks to its low maintenance and superior longevity (provided you take proper care of it!).

Any design you choose will be breathable, but our single-ply will be the lightest and most comfortable. If what you’re looking for is warmth, you can choose a heavier weight like the double-ply or add an half English rib, which will have the added benefit of giving your outfit more texture and volume too. We recommend the turtle with a closely fitted neckline that is worn folded down and made for layering.

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The woolen coat

Whether you go for one of our weather-proof wools or a cozy cashmere blend for luxe breathability, a woolen coat is something everyone needs in their winter arsenal. The best thing about a natural fiber like wool (or a wool-cashmere) is that it will act for you just as it does for the animals: regulating your temperature with natural resistance to bacteria and stains.

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The ribbed accessory

When you’re getting ready to cocoon yourself from the cold, there is perhaps no greater staple than the ribbed scarf. More than just a great way to wrap yourself in extra warmth and by far the easiest layer to take on and off, this textural accessory can set off your entire outfit.

You can craft your scarf in either pure cashmere or a wool-cashmere blend. You can go for the same quality and color as your knit for a tonal look, or choose a complementary shade to add some color instead. A bright hue can even become a statement piece to draw the eye. Better yet, create a matching ribbed beanie for a knitted set that will look purposeful and put together.

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The parajumper

Boots are the workhorse of winter. While we love a good Chelsea or Chukka, parajumpers are the often overlooked option. This exceedingly practical but still polished style is perfect for weary winter days when you might face rain, hail, or snow.

When it comes to the material to choose, a grain calfskin leather is a classic choice, but we also enjoy a water-repellent suede to give you a softer look. The most important thing to consider is a lightweight sole. It’ll take your classic winter boots to the next level with a lightness that means any long city walks or outdoor hikes will feel like a stroll through the park. Want to give your parajumpers an extra something? Add brogue detailing to elevate the style even further.

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