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On Celebration October 2022

Domenic’s winter essentials

The chill is beginning to set in and we’re on the hunt for the essentials to get through the season unscathed. Warmth is key, of course. But we were curious what else we should be thinking about when it comes to our winter wardrobe. As the Store Lead at our newly opened AM House Toronto, Domenic is our resident expert on cold-weather curation. He put together a look of his cozy must-haves for us, so we sat down to find out more…

It’s getting colder. I’m sure over there especially. Tell us, what are your big considerations when curating a winter look?
“I think comfort plays an important part. Especially here in Canada, you’re so bundled up you need to feel comfortable. Warmth goes hand in hand with that. Weather reaches -20 degrees, so you want to be at a comfortable temperature when you’re outside, in transit, or at home. That really comes down to you as a person, some people run hot, and some don’t, so you want to be selecting something that feels good for you.

Another big part in your winter selection will always be your color palette and how you’re going to express yourself. As we approach the deeper months, the colder season, there’s going to be snow or slush, so I’m usually thinking about which colors will hold up – especially when we’re talking trousers.”

Okay, so take us through the four pieces you picked that everyone needs in their closet.
“I think the staples we all need are some kind of lightweight jacket, gray woolen trousers, a neutral cashmere knit, and a pair of lightweight shoes. The jackets are so perfect as outerwear in fall and as an extra middle layer in winter. There’s no canvas, so they’re super lightweight and the more relaxed fit is really comfortable to wear, especially around the shoulders. I picked the safari jacket but we have other styles – the utility, the 2.5 button, the 3 button – they all work just as well.”

Is that your favorite from the selection?
“For sure. The safari jacket has really expanded my wardrobe options. I particularly like this cashmere version as it can be dressed up or down. You could just as easily wear it to the office with a flannel dress shirt and tie or on the weekend with a pair of faded denim and suede boots. The patch pockets are practical, and I find the internal drawstring quite flattering if you want more shape in the waistline. Plus, the drape compliments other quality pieces like long-sleeve knits as well. It really brings casual and luxe together!”

The cashmere does look luxe. What made you go for cashmere?
“The level of luxury, the coziness, you just don’t get any better than cashmere. But really, with this particular fabric it’s the color. There are certain combinations of fabrics and colors in the men’s wardrobe that just work. The camel color I’m wearing is the #1 pick to see cashmere at its best. It really does the fabric justice. I love it with any of those natural, whites, cream and earth tones. There are other options that also work for winter, but there’s something quite elevated and timeless about cashmere.”

Interesting – What else would you recommend?
“I can definitely recommend the alpaca blends, they are equally luxurious and warm! Our stretch corduroys are also classic and really soft. Or even winter moleskins. They are a little more casual but have a refined look and feel. Great stretch as well for the client who prefers that.”

You chose cashmere for your knit too.
“Yes! A neutral cashmere knit is such a staple for this time of year. Cashmere is the warmest option we have, which is why it’s so important to have in your closet. Ours is high quality and sourced from Inner Mongolia. It’s super soft, once the fibers settle it will even look better with age, so it’s a good investment.

I say a neutral knit because I believe that selection really compliments anything well. The greige color I picked compliments the safari jacket and gray pant I’m wearing, a chocolate, navy pant, and jeans. You want to wake up and make your morning wardrobe selection simplistic and effortless. This color and knit does that for you.”

What about the trousers? What made you pick them over, say, jeans?
“Jeans are great and I have many pairs I like, but a good pair of gray woolen trousers are elegant and give your look that extra something. Choosing S130 wool like this one, it’s very soft with more breathability. I can wear them all day comfortably. This pant is pretty much four-seasons, so you’ll get more out of them throughout the entire year.

I went with a structured style, so no matter what I pair with them it gives me a classic, tailored look. As a whole outfit, I don’t think there’s anything that goes so well together as a camel jacket or coat with gray trousers. It’s a classic combination.”

And last but not least, the lightweight suede Bluchers. Why are they great for winter?
“Firstly, the sole we chose for this is really great for inclement weather. They have this anti-slip sole, which means that you’re not going skating all over the place when it starts to get rainy or a bit icy. Lightweight too, which is always going to be more comfortable. I chose an informal Blucher shoe, I like it because it can go either way – it gives you an elevated, dressed up look or you can bring it down a notch if that’s what you want. That camel coat looks fantastic with denim too, and these shoes would still be appropriate.

I chose a water-resistant suede to help with those wet days. A brown suede, whether you’re talking chocolate or a lighter brown, will work with most looks in winter. Versus, say, a leather, the suede complements with cashmere, and wools. Like I said before, it’s about having the interplay of fabrics and textures. They all collaborate and complement each other so well.”

Before we finish up, is there anything else you’re not wearing now you’d say are an absolute must-have for winter?
“Oh definitely. A beanie and scarf for sure. In the cashmere or the wool-cashmere, they work fantastic for our winters. But especially the beanie, if you don’t have a full set of hair like me! A good outer layer is a must as well, something to go over your jacket – an overcoat, car coat, or vest. The other essential I would say are our parajumper boots. In our Vibram Lite sole, they are lightweight with a great grip. You can wear them with anything, a chino, a denim, or woolen trouser. They’re a game changer for when we get snow.”

Like Dom’s style?

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