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On Travel April 2022
Must-read: “The world is on fire but we’re still buying shoes”

Must-read: “The world is on fire but we’re still buying shoes”

If you only read one thing this summer, let it be “The World Is On Fire But We’re Still Buying Shoes”. As the title not-so-subtly suggests, the book tackles something close to our heart: the stark realities facing the fashion industry right now.

“Fashion thinks people need an infinite amount of new clothes. That is very short-sighted.”
– Alec Leach

It’s written by Alec Leach, who left renowned fashion platform Highsnobiety to pursue the writing along with his own more sustainable platform Future Dust. The former editor takes an honest look at concepts like consumerism, greenwashing, mindfulness and explores why the problem lies with many different stakeholders within the industry. It’s not all doom and gloom though, the Berlin-based writer is serving up hope with his truth bombs.

If you’re curious about Alec and what led him to writing the book, check out this interview. Whether you plan on lounging poolside or you have a few hours to kill on a train somewhere, grab yourself a copy and dig in.