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On Spring March 2023
New in: Super-stretch denim

New in: Super-stretch denim

For many of us, a great pair of jeans are the holy grail when it comes to creating a flexible wardrobe. For those who often find denim a bit too stiff for daily wear, we have now welcomed something more comfortable: super-stretch denim. With that classic denim look but the lightweight feel of trousers, this new range is perfect for sunny weekends. If you’re looking for your next trusty pair of jeans, this denim is the way to go.

The new range is woven and dyed by the iconic Italian mill, Candiani. Family operated since 1938, they are one of the finest producers of denim in the world, renowned for their commitment to high quality and innovation. The latter really shines through in this particular material. They’ve dialed up the elasticity from your usual stretch jeans and pre-washed the fabric for even more softness and flexibility. Where traditional denim weighs in at about 11-13 oz a pair, these are a comparatively airy 9 oz. Being mostly cotton, denim is already known for its breathability, but this level of lightness makes a huge difference when it comes to beating the heat.

The fabric crafts a particularly beautiful skinnier fit, if that’s your thing. There are six different hues to choose from: classic black, dark blue, and four lighter shades of blue. These lighter shades also include an option for a new all-over faded wash effect. A little different to the usual ‘whiskers’ effect, this fade looks more natural so your jeans will look and feel like you’ve had them for years. We really love the light blue wash for spring. It pairs well with almost anything, but especially green and earthy tones – as demonstrated by Daniel with this utility jacket and jeans combo.

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