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On Spring March 2023

Quickfire questions with style advisors around the world

Over the past few weeks, we have been capturing our spring & summer 2023 collection on style advisors from our stores and wholesale partners around the world. As we had some of the most knowledgeable models at our fingertips, we thought we’d take the opportunity to introduce you to a few and dig into their spring style with some rapid fire questions. What they’re wearing this season, how they go about curating a look, and any advice they might have for you all at home. Readers: meet Ricardo from Amsterdam, Chris from Olso, Roberto from Vancouver, Ned from Toronto, and Sebastiaan in New York.

The Atelier Munro House Amsterdam

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How would you describe your spring look?
Rakish, with a very elegant expression of me. The jacket is such an elevated choice for the summertime.

Why do you love it?
The glen plaid is by my favorite mill, Loro Piana. It’s refined with limited contrast between the background and the checks, just how I like it.

Your favorite new arrival this season?
I am very much excited about a still-to-be-launched capsule collaboration – knitted athleisure sneakers with suede detailing!

What else will you be wearing this season?
Subtle checks and natural tones do it for me, besides my usual tonal pieces!

Your must-have material for the warmer months?
Wool, linen, and silk are your friends in summer. Nonchalant but with a smart appearance.

Do you have a go-to piece of styling advice?
Everyone knows the price of everything, but few know the value. Make it your own and it will always work.

What do you like most about curating a look?
Having a good time with my clientèle, they are what matters most.

 Ferner Jacobsen, Oslo

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Shop this look (3)

Tell us about the look you’re wearing today?
It is a summer look, a soft casual look. You can wear it when you go to work or to a party.

What do you like most about it?
The material. It’s a seersucker, very soft and breathing. So it is very nice for the summer and still offers a classic look.

Your advice for everyone this season?
If you don’t have a lightweight jacket already, I recommend it. In a quality blend with linen it’s ideal for spring and summer. Casual but can be dressed up if you want to wear it out for dinner or drinks.

What are you wearing a lot right now?
Sunglasses would be my usual answer, but we don’t have that much sun in Norway. So, then it has to be my new dark blue low-top city loafers, they go with everything.

What fabric are you choosing when it’s warm?
Linen for sure or linen blend. And seersucker. But linen is easier to wear to all occasions.

Any new options you’re excited about?
After many years just ordering single-breasted jackets, I have gotten back into a double-breasted jacket with the wide peak lapel. It feels more “statement” so that’s my favorite option this season.

Your #1 tip for anyone starting to build a made-to-measure wardrobe?
Build the basics first. A classic blue suit, a classic jacket, some gray wool pants. Then you have a good start. After that you can have more fun. And since I am a white pants guy, don’t forget to order a nice white chino and pssssst order two… You always need an extra. Ha!

You can read more about Ferner Jacobsen here

The Atelier Munro House Toronto

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Describe what you’re wearing today?
This lightweight jacket is the perfect hybrid between a sports jacket and a safari jacket. Practical for the summer months, but elevated for the sartorial gentleman.

Who would you recommend it to?
Anyone who isn’t shy of being bold with his wardrobe. It lends itself to being worn casually for a summer’s night out or dressed up for a dinner.

Any elements you particularly like?
The mandarin collar popover in linen is a quintessential shirt for the summer. Either worn tucked into trousers, or untucked with a curved-shallow finish it becomes a nice feature.

What’s most fun about curating looks?
Creating something that makes the client feel great. I always say, the best thing you can wear is confidence. Why not make the garments you wear do that for you?

What else are you wearing this spring?
For a cocktail party, a seersucker lightweight suit. This season’s denim blue seersucker from Subalpino offers a pop of color in a classic fabric that I love.

Your go-to piece when it’s warm out?
The drawstring chino in white stretch cotton. It not only pairs well with everything, the added comfort of the drawstring waistband and natural stretch is unparalleled. It’s great for on-the-go wear: from the office to happy-hour drinks.

Your advice for someone new to made-to-measure ?
Look at the bigger picture. As personal made-to-measure menswear can get, choosing every design option can get overwhelming – especially, if it is your first time. When picking fabrics, settle on staples and curate pieces that look great individually but also coordinate with each other.

 Atelier Munro, Vancouver

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Describe your style?
Comfortable sartorialist.

What have you got on today?
A deep blue micro-houndstooth suit, designed with an unconstructed camicia shoulder and rounded patch pockets.

Why do you like it?
In my opinion, it’s always smart to have something stylish, light, and comfortable when you’re heading into these warmer seasons. This suit fits the bill. It actually feels like wearing a ‘second skin’!

When would you recommend it?
For when you want a ‘non-typical’ blue suit for every kind of occasion. This could take you from a business meeting right to a wedding reception, no questions asked.

Do you have a can’t-live-without item this season?
A pair of versatile city loafers for comfortable walks along the seaside.

What would you advise everyone to have?
A lightweight jacket, a casual utility or safari jacket is a must because you can carry all your “stuff” like your phone, glasses, and accouterments. It gives you the flexibility to go to an impromptu business meeting or meet up with friends at your favorite gin mill!

Your favorite fabric from our new collection?
My favorites are cool stretch wool-linen blends. These fabrics in a jacket style can be designed with safari pockets to give it a smart casual look.


The Atelier Munro Showroom, New York

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Tell us about what you’re wearing?
The lightweight jacket is water-repellent with pockets and our new zipper closure makes it very practical and a perfect transeasonal piece.

Why do you love this look?
For me, versatility is the most important thing and that’s what each element of this look does well.

What would you say is your personal style?
Smart casual or casual chic.

Your favorite fabrics to wear?
I love fabrics that show depth and structure like a bouclé, hopsack, any open weave, or fabrics that have a special look and feel to it like the peach skin I’m wearing.

What is your spring-summer must-have?
Since I really like the city loafer as a mid-top, for spring/summer it’s going to be the low-top model.

What is your go-to piece of style advice?
Choose garments that complement your wardrobe and easily combine with what you already own.

Something you won’t leave the house without in spring?
My sunglasses when it’s a sunny day, to protect my eyes and for a little incognito staring on the terrace.

What is most fun about curating a look?
Combining fabrics and colors that makes you or your customer feel good and results in a smile.


Check out all our style advisors and their looks on the website or book in to see them for more advice.