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On High Summer July 2022

Ricardo’s sunny weekender look

Staying comfortable at the height of summer is no mean feat. In our search for staying cool, the first place we turn is often fabrics. A classic seersucker, a cotton, or linen, maybe even a blend of the two. One man who has it all figured out is Ricardo.

He put together a look to beat the heat and it’s a masterclass in light layering. We got to pick his brain about the inspiration for the outfit and how he put it together.

Ricardo, we love what you did with this ensemble. The whole thing looks so clean and comfortable. How would you describe the style?

I think I’d call this style modern versatility. All the elements are current and quite casual but my biggest deciding factor is always how wearable each piece will be. So I went for all timeless staples in neutral colors. The utility jacket is a great light layer and can also be worn as an alternative to a coat. I’ve paired it this time with a classic white button-down shirt, but it also works with something even more casual, like a polo or tee. The jacket is nice with a pair of jeans and loafers too.

It comes together nicely. What did you have in mind when curating it?

I wanted to create something I could wear on any warm weekend to a beach party, vacation, that sort of thing. Neutral colors and fresh whites seem to work best for that. Then I focused on making sure each layer was light enough that I would still feel comfortable in the sun.

We did notice some of the classics like linen feature in the look. Tell us more about that.

I specifically looked for the lightest constructions and airiest fabrics I could find. The khaki utility jacket is obviously a lightweight jacket, which is perfect. I chose to craft mine out of linen so it’s nice and breathable too. The sand trousers are actually made from this stretchy Ice Cotton yarn that is supposed to have an extra cool feel. The white shirt is a blend of both: cotton and linen. Even my chocolate Blucher shoes are a lightweight make.

Inspired by his style?

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