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On Spring March 2023
Why you should consider hemp for your spring wardrobe

Why you should consider hemp for your spring wardrobe

Hemp is one of the least toxic options you can have in your wardrobe. It probably brings to mind hippies and their flowing tees – and for good reason. It’s proven hard to source in a way that fits our elevated aesthetic. Luckily for us, the superfiber is being adopted by some of the finest mills around, slowly making its way into great contemporary blends for spring and summer. Similar to other summer faves, linen and cotton, it’s a natural, plant-based fiber with some extra benefits. Hailed as one of the more conscious options out there, let us tell you why you should keep an eye out for this fast-growing fiber.

It’s super sustainable
Not just renewable, hemp regenerates even quicker than most plant-based fibers. It’s not picky about where it grows either. You can cultivate hemp in hot or cold climates while requiring less water than cotton and producing more fiber per acre too. The plant even returns nutrients to the soil and purifies it for the next harvest. Cool, huh?

It has a lower impact
Hemp has less of an effect on the earth too. We’ve already mentioned it needs less water, but it also needs very little land. Another upshot of that handy nutrient system replenishing its fertility, is that hemp doesn’t require fertilizers. The crop is largely disease and pest resistant as well, meaning less chemicals and pesticides. Then to top it all off, the crop is considered a bit of a carbon sink. Meaning this plant actually absorbs literal tonnes of CO2 per hectare, more than any other forest or commercial crop.

It’s warm-weather friendly
On top of all those reasons that will make you feel warm and fuzzy, hemp will also keep you cool. Like your favorite linen, it’s breathable and simultaneously absorbent. The fiber is great at wicking moisture and heat away from the body, making it ideal for hot and humid weather. It even has antimicrobial qualities, so you won’t need to wash your pieces as often, allowing it to last longer too.

Shop this look (3)

Shop this look (3)

We like hemp best combined with other natural fibers. It really shines when mixed with rich wools and silks. We’ve already introduced a few of these kinds of blends. Most recently, bringing a taupe glen check fabric by Bottoli into our latest collection. The Italian mill is known for innovative blends and favoring undyed natural fibers for a natural charm. This fabric is no exception, blending merino wool, hemp, and silk that crafts an ideal neutral summer jacket. Check it out here.

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