Listen: Enlightening podcasts for your ears

We’re always looking to stay informed and inspired about the state of the fashion industry and everything sustainability. One of our favorite ways to do that? Podcasts. Adding another list in our series of conscious content to read and watch, we’re turning our attention to must-listens for when you want to learn something new and maybe even start making some positive changes yourself. From the thought-provoking to the chuckle-inducing, here are some shows to consider when you have extra time up your sleeves this summer break.

The Business of Fashion

This podcast has all the industry news. BOF is an excellent resource for staying informed of what’s happening worldwide in fashion. The concept originally evolved from a publication of the same name, hosted by its founder and CEO, Imran Amed. The topics they cover are current and quite varied covering everything from new tech and trends to style culture and of course, the latest in sustainability – making each episode a unique and interesting listen. They’re usually quite short, so perfect for when you want to stay up to date but are short on time.

If you only listen to one: don’t miss their episode on greenwashing featuring a stirring talk and panel discussion on the real cost of unethical marketing from their conference last year.


“It’s not just like we’re giving wheatgrass juice to a cancer patient. It’s like giving wheatgrass juice to a cancer patient and then you realize that they’re delaying chemo... What we’re really talking about is a shared problem, a collective problem that all of humanity needs to work together to solve and every day we delay it, we don’t just amplify the costs, we transfer them.”
Tariq Fancy

Wardrobe crisis

Hosted by author and journalist Clare Press, Wardrobe Crisis is based on a book by the same name. Clare was the first-ever sustainability editor for Vogue and has been at the forefront of ethical style for a while now. She’s since left her post there to share her own uncensored perspective. Each week, she releases these insightful interviews that deep dive into one topic, usually shedding light on the impact of fashion or those shaping its future. She has a talent for searching out incredible people and stories behind sustainability with a frank and journalist approach that is quite refreshing. We like that it offers such a wide range of perspectives with industry insiders, activists, designers, producers, even scientists appearing as guests. Despite discussing what can be quite intense topics, it’s an oddly calming listen.

If you only listen to one: there’s a really informative episode that breaks down the problems garment workers are facing and the answers to more responsible production.


Scandinavian MIND

This is one for the tech lovers out there. Another publication turned podcast, Scandinavian MIND explores how innovation influences the lifestyle industries. Swedish host Konrad Olsson is a brilliant journalist and interviewer, who brings a European point of view to the conversations. He isn’t afraid to ask the big questions of these massive industries around ethics and sustainability. Though there’s plenty of episodes on fashion, you can also expect them to cover things like gaming, beauty, and art. Often talking to people doing cool things in their industry like one of our personal faves Alec Leach.

If you only listen to one: their recent episode ‘Can fashion solve overproduction?’ dissects why waste is still happening and some of the great initiatives being brought in around the world to help solve it.


“Excess production for fashion is not born out of miscalculations like it could be for a restaurant or a hotel. You know, they made too much and oh! not enough people bought it. It’s quite the opposite for fashion, it’s a very precise calculation of profits and losses, and it’s usually cheaper to just produce too much”.
Erik Sedin


Self-touted as ‘a comedy podcast about the environment’, this is one of the lighter listens on the list. The series has just wrapped up its eighth and final season. Hosted by two friends and experts from the environmental charity sector, Oliver Hayes and David Powell, it is worthwhile going back through the archive if you’re interested in learning more about sustainability in general. Every episode is essentially two relatable guys trying to understand some of the often complex issues and ideas around climate change. Sustainababble is easy listening with lots of banter – sure to have you laughing and learning a lot.

If you only listen to one: their episode on Fashion offers a great overview on the basics of fashion and sustainability, looking at the major issues around fast fashion and what we can do as individuals to mitigate the impact.

Podcasts not your thing?

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