Recommended reading for the return to work

As we make our way back from summer break, we’ve stumbled upon an antidote to the hustle and bustle of business as usual. The Monocle Manifesto for a Gentler Life is a guide to slowing down, enjoying more, and being happy.

For the uninitiated, Monocle has championed the art of considered design and lifestyle from its beginning – and the handbook is a musing on this idea. A breath of fresh air in this polarized age, the book advocates for more kindness and indulgence towards ourselves, our fellow man, and nature – an approach to life we are inclined to agree with at Atelier Munro.

“The book is about trying a slower pace of life that's kinder to ourselves, those around us and the world. In a shouty, finger-jabbing moment in history, we've done our bit to argue for a new, considerate mindset and to be generous with our time, hospitality and forgiveness. Gently does it.”
- Monocle

The book asks us to unplug and to rethink our entire mindset. Essentially, helping us consider how to reconnect with ourselves and the wider world to lead a richer life. It offers guidance on how to pursue things you care about and discover extraordinary experiences along the way. A thought-provoking read for the morning commute and probably the gentle reminder we all need to continue cultivating joy beyond our holidays.