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On Spring March 2023

The inspiring gallery spanning three cities: GRIMM

Every now and then you stumble upon something that reminds you why you live in a big city. GRIMM is one of them: a series of smaller contemporary galleries dotted across some of the world’s best cities. Initially started in Amsterdam on a mission to support the work of emerging artists, the gallery has now grown to have locations in New York and London too. The gallery reps more than thirty international artists across all kinds of mediums as well as publishing a powerful series of linen-bound books diving into some of their most striking exhibitions. The art they show is often vibrant, always beautiful, and now, the backdrop of our Spring Summer 2023 campaign.

GRIMM Gallery Amsterdam

We were excited to highlight some of these artists in our latest shoot. First, heading to Keizersgracht in Amsterdam to see Anthony Cudahy’s work. His exhibition ‘A pearl caught between my teeth’ is a series of paintings that builds on the tradition of Flemish landscapes from the 17th century, exploring humanity and nature and their entwined relationship. The ‘Broken Shells’ appears in our hero imagery for the season.

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GRIMM Gallery New York

We then made our way over to Tribeca, New York to shoot in the gallery there. The artist featured is Berlin-born, Brooklyn-based Volker Hüller. L.I.T.S is his sixth solo exhibition with GRIMM. It’s a clever double entendre and acronym for “life is too short’’ and “lost in time and space”. The exhibition provided the perfect setting for our US style advisors (Brian from Baumans and Sebastiaan from our New York showroom among others) in their signature looks.

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These were just two of the incredible artists featured in the galleries when we were in town. With so many on their roster, it is always well worth a visit if you find yourself near one of their cities. A special thanks to the folk at GRIMM for working with us on this campaign and providing such a beautiful space for us to shoot. We’ll no doubt be back.


Drop by next time you’re in Amsterdam or New York to see exhibitions at the GRIMM.