Meet the men behind Dutch real estate podcast Hou Je Vastgoed

We’re always looking to expand our knowledge and learn from the best. For us, Hou Je Vastgoed fits that description. The bi-weekly podcast discusses the world of real estate – exploring the investment side of things along with the intricacies and bigger questions it raises around image, status, and class. Each episode features interesting guests for their point of view on the property sector, from real estate agents and investors to architects and politicians.

The Dutch hosts Sander Schimmelpenninck and Maarten de Guyrter are an impressive pair. We’ve been working with and getting to know them since their first ever season. Maarten is the co-director of real estate company ‘Boelens de Gruyter’ and a real estate entrepreneur who knows his way around bricks and mortar. You might have heard him before speaking out about the struggles in the real estate world in columns and podcasts.

Sander is another man of many talents. A journalist, presentor, columnist, even entrepreneur. He’s the co-founder of Tonny Media, the podcast company that produces Hou Je Vastgoed and other popular shows including Geuze & Gorgels and Zelfspodcast.

For the whole third season, the podcast set up shop in the AM House Amsterdam. The last two episodes were recorded live with special events that saw a select group of Atelier Munro customers involved in real estate invited to watch and network afterwards with a drink. You can the episodes online now.

Episode #9

Talking to architect Adam Smit, right-hand man at ZZDP Architects – the firm behind projects like De Omval (Amsterdam), Rokin Plaza (Amsterdam), and Spaces Hofplein (Rotterdam).

Episode #10

A chat with Jeroen van Els, partner & managing director at REB Projects – a family-owned, boutique real estate development firm in the heart of Amsterdam.

Want more?

All three seasons of the Hou Je Vastgoed podcast are available to listen online.