Exploring a space for the curious: Felix Meritis

Exploring a space for the curious: Felix Meritis

The location of our latest shoot is a fascinating collision of the past and future. Translating to ‘happy by merits’, the unique building was created in 1788 for a society of scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, and thinkers. Standing tall on the canals of Keizersgracht in Amsterdam, the architectural delight was a hive of creativity during the age of enlightenment with rooms dedicated to different realms of mastery: music, commerce, literature, physics, and drawing. Now, it’s a symbol of the intellectual freedom and tolerance the city is known for around the world and a place to explore new ideas.

“We draw on the domains of technology, entrepreneurship, science and art , with which we explore the future with a curious eye; critical but without doom-mongering and often with a wink.”

We were lucky enough to capture some of our Fall/Winter ‘22 collection in the interior of Shaffyzaal, a psychedelic space inspired by legendary local actor and chansonnier Ramses Shaffy. High-contrast walls, custom designed seating, and a steel-cladded bar – the aesthetic is a throwback to the sixties when the room served as the place to be for the Dutch avant-garde. For the shoot, a selection of pieces were draped over a lounge chair from our friends at Morentz. Designed by Italians Renato Toso and Roberto Pamio, then molded from ash laminate into an elegant fusion of curves and edges.

The beautiful photography shot by Jordi Huisman is now featured on our website and in stores across the globe. If you’re keen to explore the building yourself, they have a cool programme of series and exhibitions coming up.


Drop by next time you’re in the city or check out their calendar of events.