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On Autumn September 2023
The wardrobe evolution of Andrew Mangiapane

The wardrobe evolution of Andrew Mangiapane

The arrival of social media forever changed the world of sports. Fans have grown more curious about what players are doing inside and outside of play. And when players can be captured anywhere, anytime, their entire lives are opened up to commentary. These days there is a new generation of players growing up in this new landscape, aware of the demands placed on them as a public figure from day dot. One of them: left winger for the Calgary Flames, Andrew Mangiapone.

Having been with the team for six years now, he has spent the last few maturing as a player on the rink and slowly crafting his persona off the rink. Together, we took our recent collaboration as an opportunity to develop his wardrobe to a new level for this next stage of his career while staying true to his more relaxed approach to style.

"I have been in the league for a few years now. I'm starting to grow into a more mature role. I feel I belong in the NHL and on this team. That doesn't mean I can stop being the hardest working player out there, but I also feel a lot more confident. And that applies to being a hockey player, a public figure and a human. I think our collaboration also signifies where I stand at this point. I have always been a bit reserved when it comes to fashion."
- Andrew Mangiapane

The result was a made-to-measure collection of sophisticated pieces for every aspect of his life that could be captured, from pre-game interviews and training days to his treasured time off. Today, we wanted to offer a look inside that curation process.

Pre-game attire

"That was a crazy experience for me. Even shocking at first. Calgary is a pretty relaxed city, but the fans are very passionate about the Flames and what players do and who they are outside of the rink. I hadn't done many interviews before I got drafted. All of those elements of being an athlete were quite foreign to me. Even when I played those first games in 2017 and 2018. I remember very well having to stand in front of a camera after my first game, that almost made me more nervous than having to play the game itself."

Andrew has come a long way from those days. Pre-game interviews and media appearances are now par for the course and something he’s become more comfortable with over time. While some players like Gio want to go all out, Andrew’s ideal ensemble for these activities infuses more of his quiet approach to clothing. As a respectful nod to the institution, he chose a striped suit, yet integrated a more contemporary, understated fabric with a dark shade of blue and faded lines. So that his laidback nature came through too, we were sure to select tonal, casual styling in luxurious materials with a cashmere polo knit. Finally, switching out the expected dress shoes with an elevated take on black calfskin Chelsea boots.

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Event wear

"The collection we made together shows a bolder side of myself. I still don't like wearing a tie, so I will always be true to who I am, but I am showing a side of myself that most people haven't seen yet. But they will… on and off the ice."

When it comes to really important events and playoff media, Andrew was looking to go big or go home. This double-breasted suit is by far the biggest development from his previous ensembles. He stepped up his suit game even further with this strong (yet still entirely classic) silhouette. To ensure the overall effect still felt underplayed, he combined it with a subtle palette and informal fabrics. The heathered gray suit is crafted from a cozy S120 wool flannel, designed with wide peak lapels for that final attention demand. The rest of the styling still kept within his preferred realm of casual luxury for a youthful vibe, with a wool-cashmere crew neck sweater in silvery hue and black lightweight bluchers.

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Out and about

"It is tough some days, but you are representing more than just yourself. That is what the fans expect from you too. They are in your corner, so you don't want to let them down as a hockey player. You quickly come to realize that how you carry yourself on and off this ice is really your brand."

For Andrew, that means considering what he wears every time he leaves the house. We wanted to create a look for when he’s spotted on cooler weekends that just felt like a more elevated evolution of his usual style. The white shirt and winter coat combination is something Andrew has worn before and feels very comfortable in, so offered the perfect starting point. Although it is crafted in a simple black, this coat features a heavy-weight wool and double-breasted closure making it an understated-statement in true Andrew style. For his jeans, Andrew opted for a slightly more outspoken hue for winter: white. This particular pair is made from special selvedge denim from Italy for a little extra street cred. When it came to styling, we erred on the edgier side with black pieces: the suede parajumper boot, and another Andrew favorite: a beanie.

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Training days

"Everything seems to matter. From the way you dress to your hobbies. It is crazy how much a "public persona" and things like social media play a role in your life as a hockey player."

Even the most mundane aspect of Andrew’s life can be on show, leading us to develop a look for his life between daily practice and errands. A fan of the humble tracksuit, we aimed to create something that could match that level of comfort and informality. Of course, it still needed to be elevated too. The result was an assemblage of modern pieces in luxurious materials: a black bodywarmer over a classic cable knit with navy chinos.

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