Our city guides for spring: Antwerp & Toronto

We love exploring and expanding our horizons. When traveling, checking out the landmarks is easy, but to discover the best places we think you really have to ask a local. With over 50 locations worldwide, we always have someone to recommend the best spots to visit. So, we thought we’d start asking them and sharing what we learn with you. This issue, we’re diving into two cities that are perfect for a weekend trip this spring: Antwerp in Belgium and Toronto in Canada.


We’re no strangers to this city, having visited there last year for our campaign with Junior Ballet Antwerp. Once one of the most important ports for trade in Europe, Antwerp has not lost its luster. Strolling around the city center you’ll see beautiful facades, Flemish Renaissance architecture in the old town’s Grote Markt, and a centuries-old Diamond District. Besides the famous highlights, we have a list of hidden gems, recommended by some of our own Atelier Munro locals. The list includes some of the best hotels, galleries, stores, cafés, and museums to visit while in town. Most importantly, we’ve sought out the best Belgian eats. From the classic chocolate and fries to a michelin-star restaurant without a menu. Here’s some of the favorites, straight from Bart at Oxford.

Sofie’s Place
Located close to the theater, Sofie’s place is perfect for lunch or dinner. You can expect delicious food and a cozy atmosphere, even on the terrace. Curious about what they have to offer? Check out their menu here.

‘t Fornuis
A rare classical kitchen with ultra-traditional cuisine that has earned 1 Michelin star every year since ‘86. The restaurant in the midst of a beautiful mansion is well loved for its rustic charm and quality produce – always served in style. Read more.

Ingrid Deuss Gallery
If you’re in the mood for some epic storytelling, this gallery curated by Ingrid Deuss is always a pleasure. Hosting an eclectic selection of photographers with great artistic sensitivity and expression. Learn more about their current exhibition.


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The city may have only been founded a couple of hundred years ago, but what it lacks in history it makes up for in culture. The capital of Ontario, Toronto is a lively metropolis which is home to almost a fifth of the entire Canadian population with a core of soaring skyscrapers. It’s also the second city to have an Atelier Munro House, making it a place close to our heart and one we’ve explored a little already. It’s perfect to visit when you’re in the mood for excellent dining, a bit of art, and ambiance. We’ve put together our must-see spots, with our favorite cultural finds, places to stay, watch sports, and imbibe. For the latter, don’t miss Southbrook Organic Vineyards, just a short drive from the city center. Here are some other highlights.

Roy Thomson Hall
Downtown in the entertainment district, this concert hall is home to the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and Toronto Mendelssohn Choir. Great if you’re looking to have a night to remember. Check out the upcoming events here.

Planning on shopping? Yorkville is the neighborhood to spend a day (and a bit of money). It has an excellent selection of high-end boutiques, galleries, and design studios… including our own AM House Toronto. Be sure to book in.

Gardiner Museum
An artistic experience that’s a little different from the norm, this ceramic museum explores the clay tradition and communities. There’s a permanent collection, ever-changing exhibitions, and even hands-on classes. Discover what’s on.


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Illustrations by Helena de Koning