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On Spring March 2023
Editorial Note

Editorial Note


Spring has officially started in the Northern Hemisphere and we can feel it everywhere. Every day more people find their way to made-to-measure clothing. The requests for lighter and more versatile pieces are gaining momentum and we are super proud to share so many new things this season.

We are exploring new ways to build a brand driven by personal taste. Not following the playbook of fast fashion but really celebrating craft, infused with the individual. This means curating our seasonal collection in a way that can be worn and combined and layered with previous releases and the ones still to come. In this first issue of the year, we’re diving deep into that product. Into the different fabrics we’re bringing in, the garments you can create, how they are made, and the people wearing them.

We have plucked out a special few highlights, some pieces with the potential to evolve your warm-weather wardrobes, whether it’s a spring knit or an easy-wearing jacket you’ll find yourself turning to again and again. We tap into our world for more advice, asking our style advisors for their thoughts on style and the new season, and a guide to creating a knockout look for all those wedding invites that keep rolling in. We explore worlds outside of our own too, digging deeper into the organic winemakers of Canada and fine knit work of Italy. Enjoy inspiring conversations with old friends on the canals of Amsterdam and the inspiring galleries that became our backdrop this season. We also share documentaries to watch about the clothing industry and its dire need to change, and delve into how seemingly small choices like the right fabric could bring hope to the problem.

Finally, but importantly, if you are planning a visit to one of our stores or shop-in-shops around the globe, please book an appointment in advance. As the weather heats up, so does what we do. The demand on our style advisors and their guidance grows each day, so please be prepared so we can take care of you. We look forward to seeing you again in store!

Joachim Baan
Creative Director Atelier Munro